BREATHE Adventure Mats, Stand the Test of Time, Like a Fierce Warrior!

BREATHE Adventure Mats, Stand the Test of Time, Like a Fierce Warrior!

How did you come up with this design?

Breathe started with an idea, a vision. We wanted to create a versatile mat unlike any other, starting with fitness in mind but coupled with the concept to use this in all facets of your life’s adventures. We wanted to create a product that lets you enjoy your workout, not their sticky mat and towel. Our previous sticky mats and towels couldn’t absorb sweat adequately and pooled liquid on the floor, and on our sticky mats. Our towels bunched-up during postures. We couldn’t wash our sticky mats well enough and they broke down after only six months. They were uncomfortable to lie on and bringing two separate items to class was inconvenient. We tirelessly searched the market for a solution, but could not find one. Frustrated, but united in our refusal to accept the norm, we chose to innovate, and the result was the Breathe mat.
It has long been our goal to innovate and offer the best products possible to people who are passionate about not only fitness but adventures. We consider form, but focus on function. Our newest mat, the Rabbit Flap™ mat, is a prime example. It is all the things that a sticky mat and towel are not. It is waterproof, machine washable and dryer safe, colourfast, pre-shrunk, slip resistant, and comfortable to lie on and won’t bunch during use. Complete with material upgrades and the convenience of a built-in ‘rabbit flap’, our newest creation is the ultimate mat for not just yoga but is versatile enough for all your life’s adventures.
As with many innovative products across all industries, Breathe mats have developed a following, and with that, knock-offs have been introduced. While it’s frustrating to see our original ideas and years of hard work copied and sold as another company’s intellectual property, we do appreciate the compliment. We’re proud that Breathe mats created a new category in the yoga mat segment and we’re happy to say that when you buy a Breathe mat, you are buying the original. We pour our hearts and sweat (literally) into the creative process, we hope it shows in your adventures too, and we hope you love our mats!
What is the Breathe Mat made of?

Breathe mats are made from high quality pre-shrunk, color-safe terry, polyester filler and a coated polyester bottom. That said, washing and drying our mats in any level of heat may result in minor shrinkage the first 4 or 5 cycles. The evidence of this can be curling at the corners. To remedy this, gently tug on the corners of the mat until it lays flat. Doing so will help to break-in your new mat and will only be necessary in the beginning. After a few wash/dry cycles, your mat will take it’s final form and will last hundreds of classes without issue.

 How do I take care of my Breathe Mat?

Breathe mats are made to be easy. Easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to wash. Follow these very simple instructions to ensure you’re Breathe mat stays clean, smells fresh and holds up class after class!

Machine wash on cold or warm/cold
Tumble dry on LOW HEAT or hang to dry
Fabric softener is okay
Color safe bleach is okay on colors, regular bleach is okay on white Breathe mats

WARNING: Exposing the mat to high levels of washer and/or dryer heat may cause irreversible damage and is not covered by warranty.

How should the mat be laundered?

Breathe mats should be washed in a regular front or top load washing machine and dried using a standard in-home dryer, or hung to dry if preferred. Drying time will vary by machine but always ensure Breathe mats are dried on LOW HEAT. Exposing the mat to levels of heat above the low setting may cause irreversible damage and is not covered by warranty. Bleach can be used to wash, but it will distort the colored mats so bleaching is only advisable for white mats. Fabric softener will not harm the product.

 What flooring does the mat work best with?

Breathe mats are designed to work with carpeted yoga studios, but will also work on flotex and some rubber floors. They are ideal for more static yoga practices, like Bikram yoga. Breathe mats are not recommended for use alone on hardwood, faux hardwood, tile, cork, or similar flooring. If using a Breathe mat on these surfaces, we recommend placing it on top of a standard sticky mat.

 How long will my Breathe mat last?

If used properly, Breathe mats should last 250+ washes. The length of time, therefore, depends on how times per week the user does and varies by weight/size of the individual as well as how it is treated.

 How heavy is the mat and how much does it cost to ship via the ground service within the US and Canada?

Breathe mats weigh approximately 2.5lbs-3.5lbs (dry) and cost $8.95-$25 to ship anywhere in North America excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

 Are Breathe mats covered under a warranty?

Yes, Breathe mats are covered by a 90 day warranty. Defective mats are rare, but are a reality since our mats are made by hand. If you purchase a mat that is defective, it will be obvious within the 90 day grace period and we will either replace your product with a brand new one with proof of purchase.

Do all Breathe mats come with the 'Rabbit Flap'?


What other uses do our customers use Breathe mats for?
  • Literally anything where you need a protective barrier between you and a surface! Here are some examples of how to use your Breathe Adventure Mat:
  • For Your Fitness Routines:
  1. Yoga, Bikram, Hot Yoga
  2. Pilates
  3. Acro
  4. Home and outdoor workouts
  •  For Your Adventures:
    1. Makes an excellent place to sit in the outdoors for a picnic
    2. An absorbent seat protector after a day of surfing, I hook it on my drivers’ seat and the rabbit flap keeps it in place protecting my truck from sandy salt water
    3. A beach mat, sand brushes off easily, water absorbs and keeps me dry and not covered in sand
    4. A protective and soft baby blanket in the outdoors
    5. A lawn chair cover
    6. Ideal for boater, toss over your seat and tuck the rabbit flap over the cushion to keep your upholstery protected from kids, snack and pet scratches.
  • For Your Pets:
    1. To place in your vehicle to protect your interior after a muddy or wet dog walk
    2. To line a pet crate or kennel for waterproof, soft comfortable solution to puppy training mats and pads
    3. To place at your door, when your dog comes indoors after a rainy day it is the perfect spot to sit your dog for quick towel dry down. The anti-slip underside and waterproof absorbent barrier make this the perfect solution vs. towels blankets and door mats 
  • For Your Kids:
    1. To use as crib mattress protector for your baby, ditch the chemical filled disposable sheet protectors and swap it out for a washable waterproof solution that will last you for many years to come (CAUTION: Always tuck rabbit strap under mattress, intended to be used under a fitted sheet, ensure Breathe Mat is secure in place)
    2. To use as a mattress protector for potty training toddlers (CAUTION: Always tuck rabbit strap under mattress, intended to be used under a fitted sheet, ensure Breathe Mat is secure in place)
    3. Place under car seats in your vehicle to protect your upholstery

Please feel free to review, comment and share how you use your adventure mats, we’d love to hear about it!

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