Breathe in Health, Set New Goals, Make 2020 Your Year!

Breathe in Health, Set New Goals, Make 2020 Your Year!

It has come to that time of year again where the days are short, the temperature is dropping and the holidays are just around the corner. Not only does the lack of daylight and bitter cold days drag on for what feels like forever, there seems to be tempting Christmas and New Years baking and celebrations around every corner.  This can make your thighs feel bigger just by thinking about it! With all these things taken into consideration, some may find this time of year daunting. What many people do not realize is how important being active and exercising is to their all around well-being; especially at the start of a New Year! 

Even if you have never been an active person, it’s not too late to change your life for the better. By committing to daily healthy routines one-step at a time, you will create a better quality of life that you may notice will extend all areas of your lifestyle. 

When you exercise and add more movement in your life, your body increases endorphins that naturally trigger positive feelings and relieve stress. Further, when you feel better mentally, you will naturally feel better physically and vice versa.

You may have a goal of losing a few pounds, getting stronger, or maybe just to be able to keep up with your children or grandchildren.  Regardless of your goals, it is important to look at each step one by one rather than looking at the whole staircase ahead. Eventually you will be at the top of that staircase and will have created many positive lifestyle changes along the way.  For example, you can start simply by just changing your mindset and thinking, “I’m glad I did” rather than “I wish I had”. Furthermore, it’s time to stop just thinking of making changes and do it! Make one small change each week and set goals. As you accomplish small goals each week, eventually you will have achieved your larger goals without even realizing it.

To put this into perspective lets use the example of someone wanting to lose ten pounds. This week you decide to wake up and instead of having your regular coffee and muffin for breakfast, you cut the sugar from the coffee and maybe just have half a muffin. You decide to park at the very back of the parking lot and you take the stairs instead of the elevator. The following week you still have no sugar in your coffee and maybe a piece of fruit instead of the muffin. You decide to park at the back of the lot again and take the stairs all day instead of using the elevator at all. By the next week you have a healthy breakfast again and decide to walk to work and you packed a healthy lunch as well. The next week you add on again and decide to finally use that new beautiful BREATHE Mat that is begging to be used today, each day and so on.

Eventually, you have changed your typical routine and your body and mind will shift and thank you. Before you know it your clothes are fitting better, you are sleeping better at night, you have more energy during the day, you feel happy and excited about getting up and getting ready, you feel better overall and you’ve lost that ten pounds! All in all, you can see how when you commit to a more active lifestyle, even by changing small things, you create a better quality of life in so many ways.  I encourage you to use the tools around you and begin to make small shifts, Breathe in health and set new goals for 2020!

 Sandy Charchun - BKin, CanFitPro PTS, FIS

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