"How-to Contour" with New CID Cosmetics "I-Bronze Rio"

"How-to Contour" with New CID Cosmetics "I-Bronze Rio"

Bronzed Beauty

This week with NX Brands we'd like to feature one of most popular fan favorite items, the "I-Bronze, Rio".  The New CID Cosmetics i-bronze Rio is the high pigment hero for creating the gorgeous glow of golden summer skin.

Rio is baked for 24 hours and marbleized by hand in Italy. The blend of tones swirl together cream, bronze, pinks and chocolate browns into a unique pattern that means no two are the same.  This innovative colour combination gives a silky natural sun kissed effect with no harsh orange tones.

The product is domed to give real value for money and it comes in a chic white compact with a mirror for simple application on the go!

How to Contour with I-Bronze?

  1. The basic rule of applying bronzer is to focus on the areas of the face which the sun would naturally touch: forehead, bridge of the nose and cheekbones.
  2. You can also add a bit of colour to your collarbones and décolleté, if those areas are exposed to the sun.
  3. Finally add a pop of the pink tone from the palette to the apples of the cheeks for a gorgeous blush.

Just remember our i-bronze Rio is highly pigmented so a light sweep is ample.



Oval Face Shape

First, lightly sweep i-bronze across the top of the forehead and up into the hairline. Sweep along the cheekbone avoiding the hollows (unless you want a more contoured look). You can also gentle contour the bridge of the nose - just don’t overdo it.


Heart Face Shape

For a Heart shape face your application is very similar to that of an oval face shape. Apply the i-bronze to the hairline and the top of the cheeks, however if you have a heart face you need to use more product along the hairline and temple and take the bronzer down to touch the chin to accentuate your natural angles!



Round Face Shape

To slim a round face, apply the bronzer along the bottom of your cheekbones, downward toward the jaw so it creates a soft shadow that slims the face. However make sure that your i-bronze is very well blended to keep it a natural glow.


Rectangular Face Shape

With a rectangular face shape, take your i-bronze Rio along the middle of the forehead, and along the middle of the cheeks (right between the hollows and the top of the cheekbones) to add contour but not harshness.


Square Face Shape

If your face is Square then you need to apply your bronzer along the forehead and cheeks (as you did above) but use a more curved method to soften the corners of your face.

 As with all things practice makes perfect.

Top tip

This multi-tasking product can be used as a bronzer and contour but also makes a great eye shadow / eye shadow base. Pick out the colour that best suits your look, a pale skin tone or layer on just the chocolate vein just along the top lash line to add a soft touch of smokey definition to the eye.

Get yours today at www.shop.nxbrands.com and don't forget to check out the gorgeous Blusher-Brush or Powder-Brush that are the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous look!  Once you try it, you'll see what this was the first product that made us at NX Brands fall in love with New CID Cosmetics!



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