How to Grow an Avocado Plant from a Pit

How to Grow an Avocado Plant from a Pit

Avocados are one of the best sources for “good fats.” Who doesn’t like guacamole, avocado toast, or avocado as a salad garnish? Next time you eat an avocado, try turning its pit into an avocado plant.

The process of growing an avocado plant from a pit is relatively straightforward. Just keep in mind the plant will not bear fruit. However, you will have a darling little houseplant for the price of an avocado.

Once you have eaten your avocado take the pit and wash it and then pat it completely dry. Be careful not to nick or cut the pit. Also, take care not to scrub so hard the brown skin falls off. This is a protective skin that covers the seed.
Find a jar that is a few inches tall. Take the jar and fill it with water up to the brim. It is a good idea to use a clear jar so you can see what is going on during the growing process. Take your pit and find the end. This can feel confusing. While some pits have a more pronounced top than others, all have a pointy side and a flatter side. The pointy side it the top and is where the plant will grow. For the plant to start developing, the bottom part of the avocado will need to be submerged in water.

Next, you will pierce the pit with toothpicks. These toothpicks will allow the bottom to be underwater and the top to be above water. Make sure you put these toothpicks in as firmly as possible.

Place the tooth-picked pit in the water.  Put the jar in a quiet yet sunny place. A windowsill that gets plenty of sun is the perfect spot. Next, you need to change the water. Some people recommend you change the water daily. Some people say once a week is best. Whatever you decide, make sure to do it often enough to prevent any mold growth, bacteria, or fungus from appearing in the water. If you do see anything growing on the pit or in the water, unfortunately, your little plant is doomed.  

Finally, watch your avocado seed grow! You should start seeing some sprouting within the first 8 weeks. However, some people begin to see growth in as little as two weeks. Be patient, it will come when it is ready.  A few sprays of Suppleplant misted once a week once the pit starts to sprout will be extremely advantageous to the plants health and longevity.

First, you will observe the top of the avocado pit dry out. Then, you will notice the top crack and the brown skin begin to fall off. Next, you will see the crack move to the bottom of the pit and become roots. You will then see a stem starting to grow.
Keep allowing your avocado plant to grow until the stem reaches about 6-10 inches. Cut back the stem to half at this time. When the regrowth hits about 6 or 7 inches, you can go ahead and plant in a pot. Make sure to use rich soil.

Now, enjoy your avocado plant! Keep it in a sunny place that gets a lot of warmth. Make sure to water regularly, mist with Suppleplant but never drench. If you live in a warm place, plant outside and maybe one day it will actually grow an avocado.  And don't forget to send us pictures and testimonials of your very own Avacado Plant story, we'd love to hear from you!

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