INGREDIENT FOCUS: BLUE AGAVE - The other use for Proverb's secret weapon against wrinkles is making Tequila!

INGREDIENT FOCUS: BLUE AGAVE - The other use for Proverb's secret weapon against wrinkles is making Tequila!

FERMENTED AGAVE a naturally and sustainable produced polysaccharide fermented from blue Agave (same botanical origin as Tequila!) which makes it responsible for one of our favorite things in the world, Proverb's Strengthening Skin Serum and the least favorite Tequila Shots - but that is a story for another blog!!

Derived from the imaginative blue Agave plant which originated from the arid region Jalisco in Mexico, a plant that needs virtually no water to grow, fermented agave acts like a natural silicon providing incredible results which can include immediate wrinkle reduction by 5%, a reduced shine finish and softer skin..

Agave is a unique censorial film former derived in a natural and sustainable way from the nectar of the imaginative blue Agave (botanical name: Agave Tequilana). Agave grows in dry and infertile soil, where no other corp can grow. The plant requires no irrigation, no fertilizing, no pesticides, nor herbicides. Agave is solely born out of energy of the sun. The solar energy is transformed into a unique polysaccharide branched inulin.

As a skincare ingredient it has produced some surprising effects including a delicate softening of the skin, immediate skin lifting and wrinkle filling effect, mattifying properties and as improved natural alternative to silicon eslatomers (these plastic derivatives are not something we recommend you use for any other than sealing your shower tiles!)

With the skins being sophisticated it turns out silicone elastomers can be too simple to cope with its needs which is where Agave fills the gap. #natureoversynthetic

Blue Agave

As an ingredient it is also certified:

  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Natural
  • Organic (by BDIH, SOIL ASSOCIATION and Ecocert)

I guess it not hard to see why NX Brands prefers the skincare application over the hangovers and head aches of it other use!! #nobrainer

Thanks Proverb for this awesome article, we love to know what is in our products, and this particular gem make us love it even more! 

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