We are so excited to finally be able to share all about the brand new product listed exclusively here at NX Brands!  You now have the opportunity to try something unique, different, powerful and made in Canada just by being a part of the NX Brands family. 

Why: Why did we choose to make a body cream as our first NX Brands proprietary product?  At NX Brands we decided that much like our mandate that is represented by the honey-bee, so was our drive to invent a product that was synergistic to the human body.  The honey bee naturally effects the world around it, which is exactly what drove us to design the line of topical Ions.  A product that can be put on the skin, in any state, any gender or age and watch as it begins to absorb, heal and rejuvenate from the outside in!  A concept that took many hours of trial and research to develop a formulation that not only showcases a delicate and effective scent profile but once absorbed, enters the body and continues to be effective!  In additional to being coupled with the highest grade of natural ingredients while combined with our proprietary “ions” brings together a marriage of concept and application.  When the “Ions” are applied to the skin they work topically and the ions absorb and begin to work on the inside too!  Our skin is porous and it absorbs what we put on it, therefore we take pride in the fact we can deliver a product that has multiple benefits when applied topically in these four variations.  Order individually, or in our Variety Pack which offers over $15.00 is savings!

Ions-Original, IONS-Lavender, IONS-Citrus, and exclusively IONS-Glacier!

 IONS-ORIGINAL is unscented and offers all of the benefits that our previous "Joiesse" product did and will continue to provide relief from multiple skin irritations and symptoms.  Ions-Original is NEW and IMPROVED, free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and is never tested on animals.



IONS-Lavender offers all of the benefits of IONS-Original plus an extra layer of defense combining a natural remedy for inflammation.  Not only does it work holistically to ward off against biting insects and reduce the itch from insect bites, but is proven to assist with speeding up the healing process from the outside in.  The result is achieved not only from the IONS but the highest grade of lavender essential oils, which offer a fresh unisex scent profile that also is packed with many benefits.  Finally, an all-natural solution with a natural smell that is safe for the whole family.

Ions Lavender is a light textured, lavender infused, non-greasy, fast absorbing cream. Our proprietary blend of ionic minerals are paired with earth's greatest carriers to penetrate deep into your skins layers providing maximum rejuvenation. A light touch of lavender adds a calming experience with no lingering aroma, making it gentle enough for your whole family to enjoy. You'll notice the difference after your first application! Gluten, Paraben and Cruelty Free

IONS-Citrus is your day-starter with everything you need in your morning ritual to wake you up and stimulate your brain into activity! It also offers all of the same skin health benefits of our IONS-Original product but is also infused with our proprietary blend of natural high-grade Mandarin, Lemon, Grapefruit, and Bergamot.  This action-packed blend starts by promoting cellular growth and boosts the epidermis from all angles, the perfect solution for someone seeking extreme hydration.  IONS-Citrus has a high content of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants yet it finished with scent profile to awaken and soothe your senses.  You’ll catch a note of bergamot which adds an antibacterial element and promotes healing and hydration on a level you’ve never experienced before.

 Ions Citrus is a blend of ionic minerals specifically paired with hand selected ingredients that penetrate deep into your skins layers, providing maximum rejuvenation. Our mild blend of Citrus scents are an invigorating experience for the whole family to enjoy.   




IONS-Glacier is our most notably different variation which offers a natural heating, then cooling pain relief with deep penetrating high-grade Menthol and Wintergreen.  Coupled with our volcanic and ionic minerals that penetrates pain points for long lasting relief, using an all-natural solution working from the outside-in! The product provides instant relief from tension and strain when used on areas of irritation.  The most incredible discovery is being able to reach for a natural release of pain instead of a medicinal product.

Ions Glacier is a blend of ionic minerals specifically paired with hand selected ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin’s layers, providing maximum rejuvenation.  Our blend of Menthol and Wintergreen help sooth your senses and ease the strain of tired muscles.  


This leads us to the next conversation, where is Joiesse?  The decision to re-brand this product was not only to assist us with our marketing strategies, but also to increase your ability to spread the word without the confusions associated with its previous branding.  We have received much feedback in regards to the old presentation, and have received requests to add a “scented” option/s.  You asked, and we listened, we are so thrilled to bring you the exclusive opportunity to be the first ones in line to try out IONS!

Don't forget that when you use it and love it, that you don't forget to share it!  Stay tuned for weekly updates as to what makes each variation powerful and special!

Christa Hiebert, President of Sales

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