PROVERB's Gone Global!

PROVERB's Gone Global!


Well, just over a week ago in #dubai PROVERB launched in Harvey Nichols and on Etihad airways. It was a big week! Nothing short of EPIC and beyond our expectations, how lucky are we to be able to be supporting such an exclusive brand!

We love that PROVERB is a combination of Luke’s passion for delivering performance in health and well-being with Kirstie's passion for organic and natural skincare. When PROVERB got the deal with, it was also a chance to see speak first hand to over 300 knowledgeable aircrew and customers to find out the three unique things about PROVERB that resonated with them; and we couldn’t agree more here at NX BRANDS!

Luke and Kristie

# 1 = EWG Certified. PROVERB is globally the first complete male skincare brand to receive EWG verification and certification from the leading US authority on health and toxicity of cosmetic ingredients. They are also the first full range of skincare to receive this in the UK. No other brand has this for every bottle.  What a success!


# 2 = LAB PROVEN to work. Luke’s background in professional sport made results something that drove everything He did, thus when He was formulating his products it was at the forefront of his mind that “this is why people buy skincare - to see a difference”. Proving this however is surprisingly not the norm especially for natural and organic products.  So PROVERB pledged to source ingredients that were not only safe but were Lab Proven to deliver a result.  Wherever possible they would clinically test the full product, like the Moisturiser to prove they moisturize - which they do!!

Lab Tested

# 3 = PROVERB spends more on ingredients than packaging. Don’t get me wrong, they invest in recyclable airless packaging that gives an awesome consumer experience but they also spend more on what goes inside as this is what delivers the results!  I can’t say 100% how other skincare brands weigh up this decision but I am proud of their choices to give our customers more of what they are actually paying for - clean, active, natural and organic ingredients you would be happy to have in your morning routine.

Thanks for your continued support in our attempt to not only think outside the box when it comes to skincare but to go even further and imagine there is no box! Exciting things are coming and we are hoping to add to this list of what makes PROVERB different adding value to both your life and others Give it a try, you’ll soon come to love the products as much as we do here at NX BRANDS!


Luke #TeamProverb


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