Seasons change, so do our bodies

Seasons change, so do our bodies

October is a great time for self reflection gratitude and thankfulness, so we took it upon ourselves at NX Brands to make sure we put this to the test.  Equipped with my favorite Aquatic Breathe Mat I took to the great outdoors.  In Canada it's pretty easy to step outside and within moments find yourself surrounded by an abundance of nature.

Breathe Aquatic  

While walking along the Canadian rivers edge, lined with beautiful Maple, Birch, Elm and Ash trees, I decided to take a moment to try and slow down the thoughts racing through my mind.  It was extremely easy to overlook the astounding beauty closing in around me as I pressed deeper to the rushing water; "what time did I have to pick up my kids, when was that presentation due, do I have enough money for that next bill coming out"?  Smashing through my mind was loud repetitive thoughts all of which deserved attention, how could I be so selfish to take time out of my day, just for me..?  I found the most beautiful flat rock and thought this is it, this is where i am going to perch and "relax". 

Setting down my Breathe Mat and pulling out a tube of Lavender IONS (to ward of the pesky mosquitoes), I sat.  I was temped to take out my phone, as the habit of staying connected is imprinted on my brain, yet resisted the urge. 


Ok, I am here, now what?  No texts to reply to, no emails to read, just me, present, on this rock, observing.  The air smelled of fresh ferns, the sky was bright blue and the trees were casting an afternoon shadow on the rivers edge. The sound of the Bow River was gentle yet powerful, when I closed my eyes I  could almost feel the water gently pouring over my thoughts.  Birds were singing in the thick of the trees, I grounded my thoughts deeper, my breathe, my heartbeat, my pulse.  The sound of a nearby squirrel caught my attention and forced my eyes open.  It was watching me, as if I was lost, I froze my gaze upon him and we watched each other.  My mind tried to take over and remind me that I had work to do, but my body was rejoicing in a moment of solace.  For the first time all day I felt at total peace.

Bow River, Calgary

I began to reflect on my journey this year, and reminded myself that today I choose gratitude.  I didn't break the promise to myself to find a few moments in my busy schedule to unplug, I smiled.  Complete selfless gratitude for my body that carried me to this beautiful place.  My mind that innovates and creates, my heart that is filled with so much love and for the air in my lungs that remind me I have a place on this earth.  True, natural, raw gratitude that was absolutely free.  It only took a few minutes in this place of relaxation to feel completely rejuvenated.  

As I rolled up my Breathe Mat and packed up my things I smiled and let my gaze soften as I brought myself back to reality.  That task list didn't seem so daunting anymore, better yet, it felt inspiring.  When I got back to my desk I was so grateful that I have a job to do, kids to pick up and a family to love.  My lens changed, my perception shifted and I felt a new sense of purpose.

Take time to embrace a true-you-moment, as the seasons change, so do our bodies.  Your body and mind will thank you!  Get your Breathe Mat and IONS at today and start to embrace the shift in seasons!

-Christa Hiebert, President of Sales

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