Sophistication After Sixty with NEW CID

Sophistication After Sixty with NEW CID

Be Sophisticated After Sixty

Aging, there is no getting away from it! But getting older is no longer the taboo that it once was and, with the recent trends for grey and lilac hair, some younger women these days actually want to look older!

But even if you are a woman that wears your wrinkles with pride, in the week of national Grandmother’s day we wanted to showcase the common makeup mistakes that are aging and the subtle techniques that are age defying.

Any Age


As you age your hormone levels will dip and your skin will get drier which is one reason why New CID’s i-tint range is packed with ultra-moisturizing essential oils including Sunflower, Jojoba and Mimosa. 

Need extra coverage? Remember that the thicker creamier formulas in our i-perfection range are packed with more pigment which essentially means more powder. This mean that for older skin applying i-prime becomes even more important. I-prime will help your foundation to smooth across the skin and close up the pores and wrinkles that would otherwise grip too much product. 

As you age your skin also gets thinner which means that just when you really need a concealer, it can let you down by sinking into lines. Our top tip is to keep concealer from drawing attention to wrinkles by only applying it onto the inner halves of your under-eyes to cover up any darkness. 


A Rosy Lit Glow

As you age your face can often appear gaunt, so you might need to change your blusher application. 

 Forget any kind of contour where you stroke your blush from mouth to ear. Instead lift up your cheeks by gently swirling your blush ever so slightly higher onto the apples of your cheeks.

Applying a Highlight can also lift dull skin. I-perfection Aurora is more subtle than Sirocco and also contains subtle mint colour corrector if you have too much pink. Apply your highlight carefully where the sun would naturally hit your skin (see our earlier blog for more detail)  




Have you over-plucked for years?  Were you too tempted to remove the grey hairs leaving your eyebrows sparse or even worse, are your brows now a harsh thin drawn on line? 

Both these looks are incredible ageing! 

I-groom in neutral is designed to go on softly. By drawing a natural brow with soft fine strokes you instantly raise the eyelid, opening the eye and making the face look softer and younger.  




For aging skin, choose powders over creams as the latter is hard to apply smoothly onto older lids.  

Even with your i-shadows and smoulders, remember that what were once your ‘safe’ shades may no-longer suit you as well in later life. Deep chocolate browns and light beige's might appear to be safe choices but these colours often contain yellow and red pigments which can actually make eyes look more tired. Beige might also now be too pale to cover any discoloration on your lid. 

Pick up an Ember i-smoulder over Chocolate or choose other jewel tones such as Olive and Amethyst. I-smoulders are also the perfect way to apply liner as the coconut oil will allow you to gently feather on the liner in a series of small strokes at the lash line before blending this line gently into the shadow.

Flutter will flatter as applying mascara to your lashed will definitely make eyes look more youthful and awake. To enhance the natural curl of flutter after application you can also use a lash curler and hold for 15 seconds at the root.




Finally there is nothing more ageing than lipstick that bleeds. 

There are two easy solutions to minimize this effect the first is to carefully line your lips with a lip liner the second is to apply your lipstick carefully with a lip brush. 

As you age lips also often become thinner. If you are an expert at application then you can carefully draw a line just outside your lips to make them look fuller but if you are more of a novice, dotting a small amount of near clear gloss such as i-gloss Tickled pink in the center of your lips and under your cupid’s bow will have a similar affect. 

Every milestone in life is a great achievement, and here at NX Brands we want you to look and feel you best at every age and journey in your life!  We hope you enjoy these tips and trick and look forward to hearing any feedback in regards to how much you love these ageless products!

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