While some people seem to have a natural green thumb when it comes to
raising plants inside and outside the home, others struggle mightily to keep
them alive. One big secret to having good luck with plants that a lot of people
don’t know is that certain plants are far easier to care for than others!
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It can sound like it is too good to be true - growing plants indoors is easy? It is! It’s also fun and requires only a little maintenance, just like an outdoor garden.
Indoor plants clean the air in the environment surrounding them, and they also provide quick decorative tools. These are our top 5 easy care houseplants!
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You may not know this, but there are many toxic chemicals lurking in your home. While it is possible to minimize many of these chemicals, there is one that is almost impossible to rid of your home.

Believe it or not, some simple living greenery can help detox your home! Let's take a look at the best plants to bring home. 

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Growing plants indoors gives gardeners the convenience of being able to access their plants at any time, while controlling the conditions of the plant's growth. However, there is one drawback in the amount of light that can reach the plants indoors. Some plants can overcome this drawback by growing in conditions where there is a low amount of light. Check out the following plants that will make great indoor options where light is limited.
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