Trend Report –What has happened in 2019

Trend Report –What has happened in 2019

Trend Report –What has happened in 2019, What we forecast for 2020

NX Brands loves New CID not because its "fashion forward" approach, but for capturing the audience of necessity, class and longevity.

So what has been and will be the big trends this year?


Sustainability is still a big trend and this means that people are becoming more streamlined across their beauty and skincare regimes.

Whilst we have been affected by the Eastern markets advocating a multi-step skincare routine, whether it is because our customers are still so time poor, the number of products we require is holding steady – although, that said, what our customers are seeking their products to do is to work harder for their skin with more multi-functional products and more active ingredients.


Hair wise we have seen from our Instagram feed that women are embracing their grays and the trend for even ‘adding some Ash’ continues.  If you are going to color and tone, that color is Lilac!


Far more flattering for the over thirty woman, we have been thrilled that 2019 has so far been filled with lots of shimmer and glow and has seen an decline in all things matte.

Eyes - Whether powder or cream, shimmery shadows have seen a comeback on every eyelid and in every beauty stash. Pastel shadows continue to be big, accompanying the always evergreen trend of smoky eyes, but we have also seen an increase in jewel tones. Moving into spring we think this glitter is set to continue, with bold colors migrating to the eye.

Skin - In 2018 everyone went crazy over glass skin (flawless, mirror-like) but difficult to achieve if over 21.  Whilst sadly that trend has not gone anywhere, in 2019 it is joined with the trend for "dewy skin", achieved with a satin foundation (more flattering than matte), lightly applied over a primer (or simply a tinted moisturizer). This look moves away from product application that is ‘Instagram thick’, to skin looking like actual skin.  So much more flattering and beautiful for any age!

Lips - 2019 is a luminous one and that carries on even onto the lips. Our mouths this year have been glossy and shiny and will remain so all year. In fact, we have even seen a trend for adding a clear gloss top coat to last year’s liquid metallic mattes.


-Shimmers, glitters, glosses, bold colors and soft undertones, plump and natural

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