Breathe Mat

    "Not like the other guys!" 
    We pride ourselves in being able to say that our mats are 100% Canadian made with the highest quality materials.  Many other mat companies have chosen to produce their mats overseas in an attempt to maximize their profits.  At Breathe Mat we are exclusively manufactured in Canada, creating and securing jobs here at home.  This not only ensures that our mats are ethically and honorably produced, but also reduces our carbon footprint by limiting transport.
    In the mid-2000's Breathe began their journey as Hot Yoga mat company, since then we have discovered that our mats serve a purpose in all of your life's adventures!   Fitness, leisure, family, children, pets, exploration, vacations and more! Read our review to see how our customers have used Breathe Mats in their day-to-day lives!
  • Durable, functional, versatile & beautiful: The ultimate compliment to your exercise, outdoor and practical living adventures!
  • Machine Wash & Dryer safe! Long Lasting & Durable! Sweat proof! Water Proof! MADE IN CANADA with high quality fabrics!
  • ANTI-SLIP Brushed bottom layer grips carpeted, Flotex and most rubber floors.  Great for parks, beaches, boats, paddle boards and more!  Offers protection for you or the surface it is used on.
  • BREATHE BANDS Secure your Breathe HOT Mat onto any standard sized sticky mat for slippery surfaces like hardwood and cork. *Also works to secure your mat to your favorite outdoor chaise lounge or recliner.
  • SWEAT PROOF Waterproof base locks in moisture, keeping your floor, sticky mat, and you or your surface clean and dry.
  • STITCHED GRID Prevents bunching and helps with precise foot alignment, and provides ultimate comfort.