Why: Why did we choose to make a body cream as our first NX Brands proprietary product?  At NX Brands we decided that much like our mandate that is represented by the honey-bee, so was our drive to invent a product that was synergistic to the human body.  The honey bee naturally effects the world around it, which is exactly what drove us to design the line of topical IONS. A product that can be put on the skin, in any state, any gender or age and watch as it begins to absorb, heal and rejuvenate from the outside in!  A concept that took many hours of trial and research to develop a formulation that not only showcases a delicate and effective scent profile, but once absorbed, enters the body and continues to be effective! In addition to being coupled with the highest grade of natural ingredients, our proprietary “ionic minerals” bring together a marriage of both concept and application.  When the “IONS” are applied to the skin they work topically; absorbing and working on the inside too! Our skin is porous and it absorbs what we put on it, therefore we take pride in the fact we can deliver a product that has multiple benefits when applied topically in these four variations:

Ions-Original, IONS-Lavender, IONS-Citrus, and exclusively IONS-Glacier!