Upgraded Liquid Nano Mineral Magnesium 32 oz
Upgraded Liquid Nano Mineral Magnesium 32 oz
Upgraded Liquid Nano Mineral Magnesium 32 oz
Upgraded Formulas

Upgraded Liquid Nano Mineral Magnesium 32 oz

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Absorbs Instantly for Better Sleep To Make More Melatonin | Reduced Muscle Soreness & Cramps | Improve Focus
  • Need Better Deep Sleep Quality, Restfulness, And Improved Tissue Repair?
  • Promotes Calming Feeling and Natural Energy – No, it will not make you tired. 
  • 100% Bioavailable
  • Supports Recovery and Muscle Repair
  • Replenishes Mineral Deficiencies by balancing the unbalanced Magnesium levels throughout the body!
  • Upgraded Nano Liquid Magnesium is of the form Magnesium Chloride
  • Other Ingredients: Ultra pure water
  • Dream Better! Yes! Actually absorbing Magnesium makes MELATONIN. This is why you will start to experience and remember more of your dreams. We have the testimonials by the hundreds to prove it. 
  • Our Upgraded Magnesium is designed with maximum absorbability in mind, achieved by using angstrom-size minerals and a patented zero point technology.

  • Never any additives, colors, fillers = Better for you than consuming gunk! 
  • Our Belief And What We Stand For: When we optimize our body and brain, we are able to live our fullest, most Upgraded version of life.

  • The Focus and Mission: To increase your human potential through highly effective supplementation products and testing, deliver with care and with the highest of standards and most technically advanced processes available.

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Zack K.

Migraine fighter - sleep must have

The nano magnesium, from upgraded formulas is awesome. Does everything it claims too, been using it a few months now and would never go back.

Christa H.

Does Exactly What it Says!

I never knew making one small adjustment to my bedtime routine could make such a difference! I used to suffer from insomnia after having my second child. This product has single-handedly helped restore my sleeping pattern and stay asleep throughout the night. I take mine followed by a 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice which completely neutralizes the salty taste. Game changer, highly recommended!