About Suppleplant


Suppleplant provides safe, beautiful, and effective alternatives to feed your most treasured plants.

Our bioactive, safe to ingest, and safe on skin formulas work to make your plants thrive and bloom to their fullest potential. We are a company whose sole purpose is to make the spaces you inhabit more beautiful. We are here to help you succeed in growing supple plants indoors and out and to help provide the plants you’ll love in your home. Suppleplant strives to be your source for information on design, decoration, and care of your home horticulture.

The Joy of Plants in the Home

Plants are a wonderful way to breathe life into a home. They bring positive energy, good vibes, and greenery galore into your living space. But as plants are living things themselves, they require energy and care put into them. Doing the bare minimum for your plants will show in how they grow. Going the extra mile to carefully nurture your tropical plants, air plants, orchids or succulents is always worth it in the end when you have luscious healthy greenery filling your rooms, walls, balconies, and windows. Investing in a quality houseplant food is the first step to getting there.

Suppleplant - The Roots

At Suppleplant, we are rooted in the simple ideals of agrarian farm life societies. Back then, folks were able to grow and maintain their crops and plants without the need for harsh and unnatural chemicals. So, why can’t we still do that now? We believe that we can. The ocean itself provides the nutrients that plant so badly need to thrive the way they should, so we sourced our trace minerals directly from deep within the ocean to create products with pure, bio-available, and active minerals. Who needs a lab?

Our teams have created the best indoor plant food we’ve come across. We think you’ll love it, too. These fertilizers will help to grow long-lasting, healthy, and beautiful plants for your home. The very best part? They do no harm and leave no negative eco-footprint. That’s how growing should be.

Organic Fertilizers for a Better Environment

Help your houseplants thrive with Suppleplant line of fertilizer for houseplants featuring naturally derived trace minerals that provide nutrients and aid in cell development. Each formula features a custom blend of trace minerals that work with your specific type of houseplant to increase its absorption and make it last longer.

Our Suppleplant formulas supplement the important nutrients found naturally in soil that houseplants often can’t get enough of in their pot. Oftentimes, companies will formulate their houseplant fertilizer with chemicals that are easier to come by and cheaper to add. The issue is that these chemicals can harm the plants themselves and can contribute to an overall impact on the environment once that soil gets recycled back into the earth.

Organic Fertilizers for a Better Plant

A mineral-rich, natural houseplant fertilizer will keep a cleaner, greener home, and environment, but they also get the job done better. At Suppleplant, our houseplant fertilizers will provide the best results by providing naturally-occurring ocean minerals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, and zinc, just to name a few. With plants treated with Suppleplant fertilizer, it’s typical to see a larger, more bountiful yield (like flowers, stems, leaves, or vines), a longer lifespan, and a strong resilience to cold, droughts, disease, pests, or even human error such as overwatering.

Suppleplant for the Long Run

Putting a little bit of thought into your houseplant food will be worth it in the long run. Our all-natural, nutrient-rich formulations derived from the ocean will treat your houseplants with the care they need.