About Us

Revolutionary Products!

People are looking for natural & unique solutions for age old problems. Many products that are currently on the market are made with harsh chemicals, ineffective ingredients, or lack exceptional functionality. Consumers are tired of the same old, same old and want new revolutionary products that buck the norms of status quo, while perpetuating a lifestyle that is wholesome, healthy, and different. Customers are looking for options that no one else has, a chance to make a change and be different than everyone else on the street. People are searching for unique products that challenge the status quo, challenge tradition, and seek to provide natural & unique solutions that are good for not only ourselves, but also our environment. We have developed and sourced a variety of offerings that fill in these gaps in our daily lives. Products that are exclusively manufactured by NX Brands as well as strictly vetted offerings you won’t find anywhere else.
Our proprietary products are “Not Like the Other Guys!”
We pride ourselves in the fact that our in-house brand lines are MADE IN CANADA, ensuring that our products are not only ethically and honorably produced, but also reducing our carbon footprint by limiting transport.
At NX Brands we have created a platform that facilitates both the development of natural products, and a streamlined ability to bring them to market. Not only do we offer a traditional e-commerce sales platform, the ability to operate in the capacity of membership for discount, as a direct sales agent, but we also provide wholesale discounts to our partners with retail locations.
See how NX Brands products can change your life today!